Commercial and Business Law

As an established Broadview Heights, Ohio law firm,  Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law works to develop trusting, long-term relationships.  This firm’s goal is to provide business clients with the guidance they need to achieve continued profitability and efficient operations. Whatever your legal needs may be, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law can offer you advice and tailored solutions that contribute to the security and exemplary performance of your company.

At Your Service…
Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law is pleased to help clients by providing:
• Business formation
• Strategic planning services
• Support during negotiations and contract disputes
• Business planning solutions (from conception to completion)
• Representation during mergers and acquisitions
• Ongoing legal guidance to protect your business’s bottom line



If you’re in need of a business attorney, contact Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Estate Planning and Wills

Probate Attorneys conveniently located in Broadview Heights, Ohio

Estate planning allows you to provide for your family by creating a will, establishing a power of attorney or living will, making funeral arrangements in advance, and more. If you’re ready to begin the estate planning process, you need the help of an attorney with the knowledge to protect the interests of you and your loved ones. That’s where Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law comes in.

Here to Serve You

Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law offers a comprehensive range of estate law services in Broadview Heights, Ohio, including:

  • Long-term care provisions
  • End-of-life arrangements
  • Estate administration
  • Wills

Most importantly, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law pledges to treat you with the respect you deserve. When you become a client, you can expect attentive, personalized service at every step in the legal process. Whether it’s planning for your family’s future, executing a loved one’s will, or working through the probate process, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law is ready to help. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

Criminal Defense

Defend yourself and protect your future.

When you’re faced with criminal charges or an arrest, it’s only natural to feel scared, alone, and stressed out. There can be a lot of uncertainty when facing a criminal charge but you can put much of that uncertainty to rest once a competent criminal defense firm has been retained.  If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, calm your fears and give yourself defensive options by turning to Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law, headquartered in Broadview Heights, Ohio. Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law can handle all types of criminal law cases, including:

  • DUI/OVI;
  • Violent crimes including domestic violence, assault, and felonious assault;
  • Traffic tickets;
  • Felonies;
  • Misdemeanors;
  • Building Code Violations;
  • Expungements;
  • Drug possession and paraphernalia;
  • Trafficking

You’re Not Alone

Whether you’re facing a traffic infraction at the state level or have been arrested for a federal crime, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law is prepared to litigate your case. During your legal proceedings, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law will serve as your advocate and offer you ongoing support. Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law will fight for you to receive a fair trial, challenge any evidence that is illegally obtained, and make certain that your defense is presented as strongly as possible. Additionally, Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law will:

  • Carefully investigate your case to uncover evidence;
  • Interview all parties involved, including police;
  • Bring in witnesses, when appropriate, to testify on your behalf;
  • Present you with defense options to help you combat your charges;
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to have your charges or sentence reduced;

To learn more about Ruffa Grandinetti, Attorneys at Law’s criminal law services, call today to set up a free initial case evaluation.